How to Make a Snowman Mason Jar for Cocoa

By Lauren Vork

Both snowmen and hot cocoa share a cherished place in the minds of many people as comforting winter traditions. Storing your cocoa in a container that looks like a snowman is a fun way to enjoy some seasonal charm. Using some polymer clay and a few natural twigs, you can build your own snowman-shaped mason jar that's just as nice in your own kitchen as it is for a holiday gift to a friend or family member.

Set the twigs soaking in dish of water. This will keep them from scorching when they're baked with the polymer clay later.

Spray paint the mason jar. Separate the lid and jar, facing them with their insides down. Spray and let dry according to the instructions on the paint can.

Form the two “snowballs” for the middle and top of the snowman. Make one ball from about 1/3 cup of white polymer clay and the other from about half as much clay.

Stack the two snowball shapes together. Insert a toothpick in the larger ball and skewer the smaller ball on this to join them securely. Press the bottom of the snowman against your work station to flatten it.

Pinch off tiny lumps of black polymer clay and press these into the side of the “head” snowball to create two eyes. Use slightly smaller lumps to form a half-circle mouth. Leave space for a nose between them.

Pull a small amount of orange clay (about the size of a pea) and form it into a conical shape. Press this into the middle of the snowman's face.

Make a top hat for the snowman. Form about a 1/4-tsp. sized piece of black clay into a disc by rolling into a ball, then flattening it. Make the top column of the hat by making a ball from a 1/2-tsp.-sized piece, then rolling it into a short, fat coil. Press the two ends of the coil against your work surface to flatten them, then press this piece on top of the disc.

Insert the two twigs into the sides of the snowman's body section for the arms.

Bake the snowman according to the instructions on the package of polymer clay.

Use a strong craft glue, epoxy or cyanoacrylate adhesive to glue the flat bottom of the snowman shape to the top of the mason jar lid. Screw the lid onto the jar when the glue is fully cured.

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