How to Make a Skunk Costume

Skunk costumes are a quick idea for Halloween.
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Skunks may have a bad reputation from their less-than-pleasant aroma, but they are undeniably cute. With their bushy tails and unique hair patterns, skunks make the perfect inspiration for an easy homemade costume. Be it for Halloween, a party, a play, or just for fun, a skunk costume can attend a number of events and occasions. With a few easy-to-find items, anyone can replicate the bold look of these furry creatures.

Skunk costumes are a quick idea for Halloween.
Halloween image by Simon Amberly from

Things You'll Need

  • Black Faux Fur
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Needle
  • Black Thread
  • Tape Measure
  • Black Sweatpants
  • Black Face Paint Or Eye Liner
  • Black Hooded Sweatshirt
  • Old Newspaper
  • White Faux Fur

Cut a circle of white fur big enough to cover the stomach of the sweatshirt. Sew it into place over the stomach using the needle and thread. If your sweatshirt has a zipper, split the fur circle in two and align the pieces to match up across the zipper. Sew the fur in place with needle and thread.

Measure the distance from your forehead to your knee cap. This is the required length of the costume's back stripe.

Cut a long strip of white fur for the back stripe. It is also possible to stitch small pieces into one long strip.

Sew strip of white fur onto sweatshirt. Start by aligning the top of the hood with the end of the strip, then sew downward. A length of the strip should hang off the bottom of the sweatshirt to create a tail.

Cut out two equilateral triangles with 3-inch sides from the black faux fur.

Cut out two equilateral triangles with 1-inch sides from the white faux fur.

Sew the white triangles onto the black triangles, and align the bottoms. Make sure the fur is facing the same direction on all pieces. Sew the triangles onto the hood on either side of the head.

Measure the length of your tail, or the length of the white strip from the point the sweatshirt ends to the point the fur ends. Measure the width of the stripe.

Cut a rectangle of black fur. Double the width of the white strip, and note the length of the tail. These are the appropriate measurements for the piece of black fur.

Sew the rectangle of black fur onto the tail, aligning all edges and leaving an open space in the middle of the tail. Crumple up newspaper and stuff tail with crumpled pieces.

Sew up the end of the tail, securing the newspaper inside. Draw on a black nose with eye liner or face paint.