How to Make a Ribbon Out of Paracord

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Pin

Paracord, short for parchute cord, is a durable, lightweight nylon cord that was used back in World War II. It was durable and water resistant, and was used in the suspension lines of parachutes. Years later, the use of paracord has become limitless. With the many different colors available, paracord is often used to make a wide variety of crafts such a s bracelets and ribbons. You can make your own ribbon to wear as support for a cause or as a symbol of your awareness.

Choose the color of paracord for your ribbon. If you want to make the ribbon to show support for or awareness of a cause, choose colors such as pink for breast cancer awareness or red for heart disease awareness.

Cut 11 inches of paracord with your scissors. Fray both ends of the paracord using a needle point or you can make a small knot on each ends. To make a knot, fold one end of the paracord over the cord. Make a loop and pull through the end of the paracord, while firmly pulling the end to make a knot. Do the same with the other end.

Place the paracord on a flat surface. Curve it downward so that it resembles an upside down U. Take the right side of the cord and cross it over the left side. Put the left ends slightly to the right. The top of the ribbon should form an open loop and both ends should have the shape of an upside down V.

Complete your paracord ribbon by securing the middle section where the ends cross. Pin that section of the ribbon with a small decorative pin of your choice.


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