How to Make a Rag Basket

How to Make a Rag Basket. Baskets have been made for hundreds of years. A rag basket is a great way of using scrap sewing material while making something useful at the same time. Rag baskets are great for holding sewing supplies, hair supplies and many other odd and ends. With practice, rag baskets become easy to make and move quickly.

Tear or cut fabric into 1.5 to 2 inch strips. Tear with the grain of the fabric if you decide not to use scissors.

Thread the end of one fabric strip through the eye of a plastic yarn needle, wrapping the fabric strip around the craft coil. Slightly overlap the strips.

Start forming the bottom of the basket after you've wrapped several inches. Coil the fabric covered coil into a tight circle. Spiral the coil continuously. Keep the coils tight against each other.

Keep the coils bound together by pulling the needle between coils and weaving the material between them. Stitch the coils together by bringing the needle around the fabric strip to the right.

Pull the fabric up from the bottom toward you, making a "stitch." Continue wrapping the coil and stitching every so often to hold the coils together.

Make the bottom of the basket as large as you like. Start the sides by wrapping the coil upwards. Continue to stitch the coils together.

Add new strips of material by joining strips together and wrapping the next strip over the top of the previous strip.


Add sections of coil by cutting coiling at an angle and securing pieces with masking tape. Wrap a contrasting piece of fabric around the coil to make the top of the basket a different color.

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