How to Make a Purse Organizer Insert

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Things You'll Need

  • Two fabrics, ¼ yard each
  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • Heavy-duty fusible interfacing
  • Iron
  • Damp pressing cloth
  • Sewing machine
  • Ruler
  • Water soluble fabric marker

A purse organizer insert can make changing out purses without forgetting your essentials a breeze. An uncomplicated organizer consists of several pockets sewn into one long strip of prepared fabric. Select a few of your most essential items, such as a wallet, phone, music player, lipstick case and makeup bag, so you can custom sew the organizer for the size of the items you need on a regular basis.

Cut both of your fabrics into a rectangle 9 by 30 inches. Cut a piece of interfacing to 8 by 29 inches. Place the interfacing with the fusible side down over the back of one of your pieces of fabric.

Adjust the interfacing to be centered over the fabric so there is a half-inch space of fabric on all four sides. Iron the interfacing to the fabric following the manufacturer’s instructions, using a damp pressing cloth if needed.

Pair the two fabrics with right sides together, and pin on all four sides. Sew all the way around the fabrics with a half-inch seam, leaving a 3- to 4-inch opening along one side. Turn the bag right side out through the opening. Turn the edges of the opening in and sew it closed.

Sew a quarter-inch finishing seam on all four sides of the fabric. Lay the fabric down with it running horizontally and with the fabric you want to use as the outer fabric facing down.

Fold the bottom edge of the fabric up by 3½ inches, leaving 1½ inches of the back portion of the fabric still showing. Pin the fold to secure. Sew a quarter-inch finishing seam across the bottom to secure the fold.

Place the items you want to keep in your organizer over the fabric, keeping each item spaced an inch apart. Draw a vertical line along the 3½-inch portion of the fabric between each of the items to mark the individual pockets needed.

Sew along each vertical line from the finishing seam at the top of the folded portion to the finishing seam along the bottom, backstitching when you start and stop. Sew on the finishing lines along the sides of the organizer to secure the ends.

Blot the bag with clean water along the drawn lines to erase them. Place your items inside their specialized pockets, and roll the organizer up to put it inside your purse or tote bag.


  • Select two coordinating fabrics for your bag that suit your personality so no matter which purse you use, your organizer will match your style.

    Add Velcro tabs to the bag to hold it when rolled up if you want to keep it compact.


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