How to Make a Pumpkin Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Things You'll Need

  • Pumpkin
  • Glue or tape
  • Brown, orange and yellow construction paper
  • 2 wiggly craft eyes with adhesive backs
  • Red and orange markers

Pumpkin turkey crafts make great Thanksgiving centerpieces or decorations to display both in and out of the home. These cute crafts are made from real pumpkins and few basic craft materials, and only take a short time to create. This is a great craft to get the kids involved in holiday decorating.

Draw the outline of a turkey head and neck on a sheet of brown construction paper. If you don't know how to make the head and neck, draw a bowling pin shape and use that instead.

Cut out the turkey head and neck shape from the brown construction paper, and fold the bottom edge up about an inch or so. This will form the base of the head and neck, and will allow it to stand up by itself when you attach it to the pumpkin.

Apply two wiggly craft eyes to the head of your turkey, and draw a beak and waddle underneath the wiggly eyes with red and yellow markers or crayons.

Glue or tape the base of the head and neck near one edge on the top of the turkey; this side of the pumpkin will form the front of your turkey.

Trace two of your handprints to use as wings, and two smaller crow-shaped feet onto a piece of brown construction paper and cut them out.

Use glue to attach the wings to the side of the pumpkin turkey, with the fingers pointing towards the back and the two feet to the bottom of the pumpkin in the front of the turkey.

Make 6 to 8 feather shapes on yellow and orange construction paper and cut them out.

Place glue along the bottom of the pumpkin in the back of the turkey and press the ends of the paper feathers into the glue. Be sure to place the feathers high enough in the back so that they rise above the top of the pumpkin, and arrange them in a fan shape to form a tail for the turkey.

Use your pumpkin turkey as a centerpiece, or display him on a shelf or table inside or outside of your house. See the resource listed below for more pumpkin craft ideas.


  • Use glitter to decorate the paper feathers that form your turkey's tail to give it a more creative look.


  • Supervise young children who are using scissors.