How to Make a Printable Coupon

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Things You'll Need

  • Design program or scanner
  • Printer

There's something about a coupon that makes a person stop and consider. Whether it's the offer the coupon is making, the design of the coupon or just that coupons lead to opportunity, a coupon is a great way to get your business or product noticed. With more people spending time scanning the Internet, printable coupons have started to pop up on increasing numbers of websites.

Decide what's going to be on your coupon. The important content on a coupon usually includes the product, the offer, the expiration date and contact info. In addition to this crucial information, you can include other promotional copy or information. Just keep in mind that people won't spend much time searching a coupon for the important information.

Design the coupon. If you have access to a digital design program, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, use this program to design your coupon. If you don't have a way of designing the coupon on a computer, design the coupon by hand and then scan it into a computer. Templates are also available online for use with digital design programs.

Make your coupon simple yet eye-catching. This means that all the important information should be easily located but that the overall coupon shouldn't be boring. Add a color or two to spruce it up. If you run out of ideas, do some research by looking at competitor's coupons or just scanning available coupons and picking out ones you like.

Convert your coupon into an image and upload it online. Save your coupon as a JPEG image file once you've finished designing it. Then upload the JPEG file to your website or wherever else you want people to print it from.

Test the printable coupon. The best way to test your printable coupon is to try printing it from a computer you don't normally use, like in a library. You can also ask a friend or two to try printing it from their computer.

Use an online coupon provider. If you don't feel like making the coupon yourself, several web-based services can help you with the entire process - from the idea to the final product. Just be ready to pay something for this service.


  • Make sure the details of your coupon are clear. Some people are active with their coupon use, and if you don't set a limit on how many a person can use or on any other potential loopholes, someone might try to take advantage of your offer.