How to Make a Poncho for Kids

A simple poncho for children can be made at home with a square of fleece and a pair of sharp scissors, with no sewing involved. The poncho can be made in minutes, and your child will be ready to head outside for fun and games on chilly days. Have your child go with you to select a fabric that suits her style to be sure she will want to wear the finished poncho.

Lay the fleece out on a flat surface. Fold one corner of your square of fabric across to the diagonal corner to form a large triangle. Fold one of the other two corners across to its diagonal to make a smaller triangle. The top of this triangle is the center of the poncho.

Measure 3 inches in from the tip of the top triangle, and put a small dot on the fabric to mark your place.

Set a bowl upside down over the top corner and align the edge of the bowl with the point, with most of the bowl not on the fabric. Trace the arch of the bowl lightly onto the fabric.

Cut through all four layers of fabric following the drawn curved line to create a neck hole. Open the fabric out back into the square shape. If there are dangling pieces of fabric from the neck area, snip them off to leave a clean edge.

Cut 1-inch-wide, 3-inch-long strips into the edges of the fabric all the way around the square to create a fringe edge on the poncho.

Slip the poncho over your child’s head and adjust so one corner hangs down the center in the front, one corner hands down each arm, and the last corner hangs down the center of the back.


With some sewing, you can create a reversible poncho. Simply make a second poncho identical to the first in a different fabric. Overlap the two ponchos and sew a zigzag stitch around the neck hole to connect the two fabrics in the center. Tie the fringes together along the outer edges all the way around, matching one fabric to another to complete.

Add appliqué shapes ,such as flowers or butterflies, to the poncho by stitching them on or gluing them to add more color and interest to the poncho.