How to Make a Pine Cone Angel

Things You'll Need

  • Pine cone
  • Craft glue
  • Medium silk leaves (colored)
  • Large silk leaves or poinsettia petals (white)
  • Wooden ball
  • Black marker
  • Pink paint
  • Yellow or brown paint
  • Gold pipe cleaner
  • Scissors

Pine cone angels bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. These simple little creations make a beautiful Christmas centerpiece for a rustic table or can be hung on your tree to add some country charm. Even better, you do not need big, beautiful pine cones to do this craft but can use the ones that you might find in your own yard while running the leaf blower.

Paint your angel's head. You will need to give your angel a face. Use the black marker to draw eyes, a nose and a smiling mouth on your angel. If you wish, you can color her eyes brown, blue, green or black. Use the pink paint to give her round, rosy cheeks. Use the brown or yellow paint on the top of her head to give her hair. While the head dries, you can work on your angel's body.

Break off the very top of the pine cone. This will make a sort of "nest" for the head to sit in later.

Glue the colored leaves on top of the white poinsettia leaves. You will need two sets of leaves for each angel that you make. They will be the wings.

Glue the leaves and the head onto the pine cone. The leaves should be placed on the back of the angel toward the top of the pine cone. When the pine cone is upright, the leaves should not touch the ground. The head will go on top in the indented area you created by breaking the tip off the pine cone earlier. Use a lot of glue so that there is no danger of your angel's head falling off.

Bend a small piece of pipe cleaner into a circle. This will be your angel's halo. You can either glue it down or wedge it tightly on her head, whichever you prefer.


  • If you want to hang your angel from a Christmas tree, tie a loop of fishing line to one of the back petals of the pine cone.