How to Make a Picture Look Beautiful

Things You'll Need

  • photo editing software
  • picture frame
  • matte or construction paper
  • ability to print picture

There are many ways to make a lackluster picture look beautiful. From the way you edit the picture to the way it is displayed, you can make sure you every picture is beautiful enough to hang on your wall or set on your desk. Read more to learn how.

Open a photo editing software program. Even a simple photo editing program can give you enough power to change an image for the better.

Crop the image to eliminate distracting objects within the frame.

Use additional editing tools. Use basic photo editing tools to change the coloring. Consider using a sepia tone or change a color photo to black and white.

Re-size the photo. Choose a frame and then re-size your photo.

Buy a picture frame and matte. For a less expensive option choose a piece of construction paper that compliments the photo and the frame. Next, cut the construction paper to fit the frame. Use an acid free glue or tape to fix the image to the construction paper. This will give the appearance of a matte.

Place in the frame when the image and matte/construction paper are centered correctly. Hang the picture on your wall.


  • Before deleting an image try editing it to see if it can be saved.


  • Always save the original version of your image in case you make a mistake. Always use acid-free glue or tape on your images.