How to Make a Paper Plate Mask

How to Make a Paper Plate Mask. Making a paper plate mask is an easy and fun project you can do for any child or group of children. Try making masks with your pre-school group, a young child's birthday party or as a club meeting activity. Here's how to make a paper plate mask.

Measure and cut two holes in the middle of your paper plate for the eyes. Be sure to check that the child can see out of them before continuing your mask to ensure safe viewing while the child is wearing the mask.

Cut a flap under the eye holes for the child's nose to go through. This flap can be large or small depending on the decoration of the mask. For instance, for a bird mask just cut a small triangular flap. For a lion mask, cut a large oval-shaped flap. Check for fit again.

Staple about 8 inches of ribbon on each side of the paper plate about 1.5 inches from the outside the eye holes. Check your mask for fit one last time.

Cover staple ends with stickers or fabric scraps. Use white labels if you don't want to decorate your paper plate mask where the staples show.

Decorate your paper plate mask with stickers, markers, glitter glue and fabric. Let your child have fun with this part. Use pipe cleaners for whiskers, fabric for ears and glitter glue to create details such as eye or nose details.

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