How to Make a Paper Helicopter

Make a Paper Helicopter

Paper helicopters ape a little like paper airplanes but are helicopters. They fly straight down turning in circles.

First print out the picture shown for this step. Next with the paper you printed out cut on all of the solid lines

Fold flap A to the front and flap B to the back. Fold flaps C and D both inward along the dotted lines. Now Fold along the line E upward to give some weight at the bottom.

You can fix up this model as much as you want. You just drop the model with the blades facing upwards and the weight at the bottom facing towards the ground to make it fly with the best results. You can also put a paper clip at the bottom for a little more weight.

If you drop it from somewhere high like the top of the stairs it flies a lot longer and is more fun to watch. Now your paper helicopter is ready to fly

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