How to Make a Paper Crown Pattern

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Things You'll Need

  • Flexible cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors

Children and adults both have occasions to wear paper crowns. Whether they are crafts at a birthday party, props for a play or simply a silly costume during an impromptu game, nearly everyone has made and worn them at one time or another. You can make a pattern, store it with your craft supplies and bring it out for a fast project aid. You can even make several kinds of crown patterns to give yourself options. They are simple to make, taking only as long as it takes you to draw the crown design.

Lay a piece of cardboard on a flat, sturdy surface. The cardboard should be as long as possible so you can draw a pattern that will fit around several head sizes. Two feet should be plenty in most cases.

Make a pencil mark about two inches above the bottom edge of the cardboard. Use a ruler to expand the mark across the length of the piece. This is the pattern for the basic crown band.

Draw embellishments above your pencil line. These may include sharp points of varying sizes, soft wavy lines, long points with circles at the tips or more complicated patterns including oval loops and pretty tiara patterns. Try to make your lines thick for easier cutting.

Outline the final design in permanent marker. This makes the lines more visible and prevents mistakes by outlining only the lines you want to cut along. If any designs require holes cut into them, outline those too.

Cut out your design with a pair of sharp scissors. Cut along the edges first and then cut out any openwork designs. Work carefully and make sure your edges are smooth. Any bumps or rips in the edges will show up when you trace them later.


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