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How to Make a Panda Bear Out of Clay

Make your own panda bear out of polymer clay.
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Polymer clay is a crafting clay used to create figurines and ornaments for decoration. Clay comes in a variety of colors and is available in most craft stores. Bake the polymer clay in the oven to cure it to a hardened finish. Use white and black polymer clay to make a miniature panda bear. Turn your little clay panda bear into a figurine for decoration or as an ornament to hang up for the holidays.

Things You'll Need:

  • Black Polymer Clay
  • White Polymer Clay
  • Cookie Sheet

Knead a large ball of white polymer clay about the size of the palm of your hand in your hands to make the clay pliable and soft. Kneading the clay and playing with it at first softens it up, making it easier to shape.

Make an oblong oval shape with your white clay to form a body for the panda bear. Knead a smaller ball of white clay until it is soft and roll it into a ball for the panda's head and snout. Place the head on the body.

Knead a large ball of black polymer clay with your hands about the same size as the ball you used for the body. Separate the black clay into four pieces.

Shape two legs and two arms out of the black polymer clay. Pose them into the desired position for your panda bear. Press them into the top part of the body for arms and two into the lower part for legs.

Knead a small piece of black clay until it is soft. Tear off two pieces from the black clay and shape rounded ears for the panda bear. Place them on the top of the head. Flatten out two small pieces of black clay and place them on the face for eyes. Add a small round dot of black clay on the snout for a nose.

Place your clay panda bear on a cookie sheet and bake it in the oven according to the clay's package instructions.

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