How to Make a Nightwing Mask

Things You'll Need

  • Picture of Nightwing
  • Ruler
  • White colored pencil
  • 9-by-12 inch black felt sheet
  • Scissors
  • Mirror
  • Theater adhesive

Batman's sidekicks have all gone by the crime fighting alias of Robin. The first boy wonder, Dick Grayson, grew up to become the superhero known as Nightwing, sporting a new black and blue costume. His mask is black, resembles a modified eagle silhouette and covers only the area around Dick's eyes. Using dark colored felt is an ideal way to recreate the shape of Nightwing's mask.

Look at the picture of Nightwing and pay attention to the shape of the mask. The left and right sides of the mask are rounded and the highest and lowest parts curve to a sharp point near the eyebrows and cheeks respectively. The mask also thins toward the bridge of the nose.

Mark the width of the mask on the sheet of felt. Place the ruler in the center of the sheet, horizontally. Make a mark at the start of the ruler and then make another mark 7 inches to the right. This is the width of the mask and your drawing should be contained between these two lines.

Turn the ruler vertically on the center of the felt sheet and mark the height of the mask. Make a mark at the top of the ruler and then make another mark 6 inches below.

Trace the shape of Nightwing's mask on the felt with the white pencil. Stay between the lines marked. Draw two spaces for your eyes. Make each eye hole 1.5-inches wide and 1-inch high. Use the ruler to ensure that the eye shapes are centered along the same horizontal line.

Cut out the shape of the mask with scissors, including the eye holes. Hold the mask in place on your face and look in a mirror to check your work. Make any alterations you feel necessary.

Apply the adhesive to your face and mask as recommended on the product manual. Carefully position the mask on your face and join the adhesives. Make sure you position it correctly before pressing the mask on as the adhesive will hold it in place until removed.


  • Do not use adhesives such as rubber cement or others not intended for use on your skin. Use only professional theater adhesive.

    Redraw the shape of your mask if it isn't suitable before cutting it out.