How to Make a Nap Mat Without a Sewing Machine

Things You'll Need

  • 2 1-yard pieces of fleece fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors

Daycare, preschools and even some kindergartens often require children to bring their own mat for nap time. These mats need to be soft, flexible and washable as they're often laid on the floor during nap time. If you have no sewing skills, you can still fashion a cozy nap mat for your toddler or small child. Pick out one or two designs in thick fleece and you can create a mat in one evening.

Lay one of the fabric pieces on the work surface in front of you. Measure in 4 inches along both edges from one corner and mark those spots with a straight pin. Cut in toward the center in both directions until the cut lines meet. You will have removed a 4-inch square from the corner of the fabric. Remove a similar square from the other three corners.

Make a cut from the edge toward the center in one edge of the fabric, beginning 1/2 inch from one of the cut-out square corners. Cut in toward the center 4 inches. Make another cut 1/2 inch farther along the edge. Continue making 4-inch cuts every 1/2 inch until you have created fringe along the entire edge. Fringe the other three edges in the same manner.

Lay the other piece of fabric on your work surface and cut out the corners and create fringe in the same way you did on the first piece.

Lay one fringed piece of fabric on the work surface with the fuzzier side facing down. Place the other fabric piece on top of the first one with the fuzzier side facing up. Line up all four edges evenly. The fringes will line up in pairs, with a top and bottom fringe piece in each set.

Grasp the top fringe pair on the right edge. Tie the two strands together with an overhand knot. Move down to the second fringe pair and tie them together in the same manner. Continue tying fringe pairs all around the perimeter of the fabric until you have tied every fringe pair together on the entire edge.


  • Use two different fabric patterns for a reversible nap mat.

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