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How to Make a Mummy Out of Paper

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Making a paper mummy can be a fun craft project for Halloween, or any time of the year. Although mummies are usually associated with ancient Egypt, they have been found all over the world. Now they can be found right in your own home with a little effort. A low cost and fun project for all ages, this easy mummy recipe is just waiting to decorate your home, and can be made smaller or larger to fit your needs.

Things You'll Need:

  • 1 Toilet Paper Roll (Empty)
  • Glue (School Or Brush On)
  • Scissors
  • Duct Tape
  • 7 Paper Towel Rolls (Empty)
  • 1 Sheet Black Construction Paper
  • 3 Rolls Toilet Tissue (1000 Sheet)
  • 1 Sheet White Construction Paper

Make paper towel "form" for the mummy. The form will be the base onto which you build your mummy. The form will be made by place the empty paper towel rolls on a table in a stick figure position. Use three rolls for the body length, one roll for each arm, and one roll for each leg. The empty toilet paper roll should be attached as if it is a head. Tape thsi entire form together with duct tape.

Using the glue, smear a little on the form in various plates. This will ensure the first layer of toilet paper sticks to certain areas and won't fall off.

Cover form with toilet paper. Use a round motion to wrap the areas each individually at first with the toilet paper, then expand wrapping paper all over the body. Wrap loosely in layers, making the head the thickest part. When you are finished, use a spot of glue and tuck the end of the toilet paper up inside a wrapped part to hold it in place.

Use the scissors and cut two round circles for eyes out of the black construction paper. Cut one large oval for the mouth out also. With the white paper, cut two tinier circles and glue them inside the large black ones. The white circles will be the pupils of the eyes. Glue your eyes, and your mouth onto the mummy.


Mummy can be larger or smaller based on the amount of toilet paper rolls and toilet paper tissue you use.

Some may choose to unravel a wire coat hanger using it as a form to make arms "stand out" in a mummy walking motion.

For an older mummy look, you can use bandage material for the top layer, dipping it in tea or coffee for a dirty, aged look.

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