How to Make a Money Origami Flower

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

Things You'll Need

  • 5-inch long 24-gauge floral wire
  • Floral tape

Origami is the ancient art of Japanese paper folding. Traditionally, you use high-quality textured and designed paper to create different shapes. Of course, you do not necessarily have to use origami paper. In fact, you can make different origami shapes out of a dollar bill, such as flowers. You can give an origami flower away as a friendly gift or put it in a small vase for display. In Japan, origami is a true art form.

Fold in a 1/2 inch on the left and right side of three, $1 bills.

Fold the left and right side of another three, $1 bills to the center.

Fold each bill in half lengthwise and unfold.

Form a triangle at each corner of each bill by folding the corner tips to the center crease line.

Take the top and bottom edge of each bill and fold it to the center.

Stack a shorter bill on top of each longer bill to match.

Fold the stacked bills in half lengthwise.

Fold each stack of bills in half to match the corner tips and unfold.

Stack the three set of bills on top of one another to match.

Bend the 5-inch long 24-gauge floral wire in half and insert the stacked bills so that the center crease line meets the wire and the widest edge of the bills face the opening of the wire.

Twist the wire ends together to create the flower's stem. Wrap floral tape around the entire length of the wire.

Make petals for the flower by spreading each folded bill open at the top of the wire. Fold the tips of all the petals down to give the flower a more natural appearance.