How to Make a Mixer Cover

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Things You'll Need

  • Pillowcase
  • Scissors
  • Iron-on facing
  • Iron
  • Needle and thread (optional)
  • Flat elastic, 1/2-inch wide
  • Two large safety pins
  • Quilting or applique materials, if desired

Keeping the mixer on the kitchen counter ready to use avoids the inconvenience of having to pull it out of a cupboard and plug it in every time you need it. Unfortunately, while this saves time in food preparation, keeping the mixer on the counter top can lead to cleaning problems. An uncovered counter-top mixer becomes a magnet for dust. Food spatter and grease from cooking adhere to the mixer and create a stubborn cleaning chore. Make an attractive, washable, no-sew cover for the electric mixer to keep it in like-new and in sanitary condition.

Select a pillowcase or decorative pillow sham made of a washable fabric. Choose one that will slip over the mixer easily.

Turn the pillowcase inside out on a clean surface such as a table. Make a 3/4-inch cut in the middle of the pillowcase's hem at the seam on one side. Make a 1/4-inch cut at each end of the first cut. This allows you to turn the edges under.

Cut a 1-inch square piece of iron-on facing and cut a 1/4-inch by 3/4-inch hole in it. Put the facing under the cut in the pillowcase hem with the cut fabric turned under like little hems to make a finished hole. Iron the facing to make it adhere.

Turn the pillowcase right-side out. Put it over the mixer. Take the elastic and wrap it around the bottom of the pillowcase at the base of the mixer. Add 2 inches to tie a knot and cut the elastic.

Pin a large safety pin through one end of the elastic. Use another safety pin to pin the loose end of the elastic to the hem near the hole. This keeps it in place so the end will not slip into the hem out of reach while you insert the elastic.

Insert the closed safety pin into the hole inside the pillowcase hem. Push the safety pin along inside the hem with your fingers. Hold the pillowcase hem in one hand and use your other hand to push the safety pin. This technique guides the elastic through the pillowcase hem all the way around. Push the safety pin back out of the hole and remove both safety pins. Hold onto both ends of the elastic.

Slip your mixer cover over the mixer. Tie the elastic so it will grip the base of the mixer firmly. Push the knot into the hole.

Customize your mixer cover with quilting or applique to match your kitchen, if desired. Applique involves cutting fabric shapes and sewing them by hand or machine onto the pillowcase for decoration.


  • You can substitute iron-on hemming tape for iron-on facing, or sew the edges of the hole under like a button hole.

    Castile soap or commercial stain cleaners will remove most food or grease stains that get on your new mixer cover.

    Use washable fabric for any decorations you add to the mixer cover so you can wash it in the washing machine.


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