How to Make a Milk Bottle Guitar

How to Make a Milk Bottle Guitar. During a rainy day or a snowstorm, it can be difficult to keep an energized toddler entertained and happy. Making simple crafts, like a guitar from a milk bottle, will not only keep your child engaged in an activity for a short term, it can also provide long term entertainment value as your child makes music on his new instrument.

Wash out a used milk gallon jug. You'll want to use a plastic milk container for this project and rinse it out well to prevent the smell of sour milk setting in after a few days.

Peel off the milk label on the container. Wash this area well to remove any glue residue so the guitar strings and child's hands won't stick while playing.

Cut a hole in the milk container where the label used to be, with a sharp knife. The hole does not have to be as big as the label was, but should be larger than half the size.

Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut six holes into the milk container near the top and at the bottom of the guitar. These holes need to be just big enough to pull a string through. If the edges of the holes are sharp, try to sand them down a little bit with sand paper to prevent your child's fingers from getting scratched.

String fishing line through the holes at the top and bottom. Thread the fishing line through the hole at the bottom first and push the fishing line through so it ends near the cap of the milk jug. Remove the cap from the jub and with tweezers, grab the fishing line. Thread the fishing line through a hole at the top carefully using the tweezers. Bring the fishing line from the bottom of the jug up to the top and tie a secure knot.

Repeat Step 5 for the remaining five fishing lines. Soon you'll have a new musical instrument for your child to play. Turn on some of their favorite music and watch their musical talents appear.

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