How to Use Airbrush Cleaning Pots

Things You'll Need

  • Airbrush cleaning pot
  • Airbrush
  • Water
  • Cleaning solvent

Airbrush cleaning pots are individual containers that clean airbrush applicators. The cleaning pots are easy to use and they clean airbrushes quickly. The cleaning pots remove the paint that was in the applicator previously; they eliminate potential blockage in the airbrush nozzle. You can place water in the pot to clean the airbrushes. The cleaning pots ensure that the airbrush is thoroughly clean and ready to use.

Open the cap that is on the cleaning pot. Place the filter into the opening. The filter is included with the cleaning pot.

Pour water into the cleaning pot. recommends that you pour the water about 1.5 cm into the pot before using.

Place the airbrush nozzle into the port that is designated for the airbrush. When the airbrush nozzle is securely in the port, inject the cleaning solvent into the cup attached to the airbrush, if needed. If you have used water-based paints, you can use water to clean the airbrush. According to, if you have used oil-based paints you will use the proper solvent to clean the airbrush.

Push down on the trigger. This will release the cleaning solvent. When you press the trigger, the cleaning solvent will spray out, along with the old paint, into the cleaning pot.

Change the filter when it gets dirty.


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