How to Make a Memory Quilt

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric squares
  • Embroidery needle
  • Thread
  • Old blanket
  • Fabric pencil
  • Digital pictures
  • Color printer
  • Fabric paper
  • Digital photo software
  • Sewing machine

Creating a memory quilt is a great way to highlight your family's accomplishments and special qualities. Quilts can be used as bed coverings, chair coverings or they can be hung on the wall as decoration. To create your own memory quilt, be creative and get everyone involved. This will help create new memories while cherishing and preserving older ones.

Collect fabric squares or purchase a colorful variety to create the top covering of the quilt. Traditional memory quilts are made from clothing and other items that bring back fond memories. If you don't want to cut up your wedding gown or baby's first clothing, you can purchase fabric squares instead. Personalizing these squares using embroidery can be just as special as using old fabric.

Ask family members to draw a picture, using a fabric pencil depicting important events in their lives, on a fabric square. Children can also participate. Ask children to create a picture of something special. Gather fabric squares and arrange them on the floor to create a pattern. Add solid fabric squares to add dimension and color.

Using an embroidery needle and thread, trace over the pictures. Embroider names and dates on the squares to personalize them even more.

Use digital photos that have been transferred onto fabric paper. You can do this by taking family photos and uploading them to your computer. Using digital photo software such as PhotoShop, print photos onto fabric paper. You can find fabric paper in most craft stores. Cut out your photos and sew them onto fabric squares.

Find an old blanket or purchase a new one so you can sew your fabric squares on the front. You can sew squares onto the blanket individually or you can use a sewing machine. Create a pattern before you begin to sew so you can create a unique memory quilt.


  • Get your family involved so you can create a memory quilt that everyone will enjoy. Display your quilt so you can enjoy your memories at any time.