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How to Make a Maze Out of Straw

Plan the layout of your straw maze on paper before building begins.
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Straw bale mazes offer entertainment and an interactive activity for members of any family, group or community. Constructing a straw bale maze takes some work and planning, but it can last for weeks once completed. These mazes also make great attractions for community fairs, charity events and school field days. With a little planning, an open field and a truckload of baled straw, you can make a life-sized maze that will puzzle and please children and adults alike.

Things You'll Need:

  • Rope Or Measuring Tape
  • Shovel
  • Truck Or Tractor
  • Straw Bales
  • Paper
  • Spray Paint Or String And Wooden Stakes
  • Rake
  • Pen

Plan your maze by sketching it out on paper. Take into account where the maze will be built and how many bales of straw you have for constructing it. A simple maze can be designed with pen and any type of paper, but graph paper will make it easier to keep lines straight and corners square.

Determine how many straw bales you will need. Measure the length and width of a bale, and calculate how many bales will be needed to build each wall to its desired length. Measure the height of each bale, and calculate how many you will need to reach the intended height for your maze walls. Multiply the two numbers together to estimate how many straw bales you will need.

Clear the area where you intend to build the maze. Remove any debris, cut down large vegetation, and be sure that there is nothing hazardous or dangerous in the maze area. Smooth any bumps or dips in the ground, using a shovel and rake to level the surface of the ground.

Measure and mark the lines of the maze on the ground. Use a rope or measuring tape to make straight lines. Use spray paint or string and wooden stakes to mark the lines as guides for placing the straw bales.

Haul the straw bales to the maze area with a truck or tractor. Recruit help to make construction go more quickly.

Place one level of straw bales on the ground according to the marks you have made, creating the basic layout of the maze. Start with the outside walls of the maze and then build the interior walls.

Build up the walls of the maze by stacking straw bales onto the first level. Stagger the placement of the bales in a brick pattern, laying one layer over the gap between lower bales. Build up the walls until they reach the desired height.

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