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How to Make a Mattress Cover

Mattress covers will keep your mattress from getting soiled and will prolong the life of the mattress. Another good reason to keep a mattress cover on your bed is for warmth. During cold weather, it’s much nicer to relax in a warm bed than hitting the cold of the hard mattress cover.

Things You'll Need:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Needle
  • Flannel
  • 1-Inch Elastic
  • Tape Measure
  • Fleece
  • Blanket
  • Mattress Pad Clips
  • Thread

Measure the size of your bed and cut an old blanket, fleece or flannel material to that size. The more layers you have, the softer and more comfortable the mattress pad will be. If you are adding layers to your pad, then you will need to machine stitch the layers together.

On a flat surface, spread out the first layer of fabric; each layer after that should have any wrinkles smoothed out. Pin the outer edges and, using a wide stitch on your sewing machine, stitch all the layers together. Continue to machine stitch vertical and horizontal rows. This will keep the layers from shifting. The number of rows will depend upon the size of the mattress cover, but three rows each, from top to bottom and across, should be sufficient.

Use elastic to secure the cover to the mattress. Mattress pad clips are available in stores and consist of a wide elastic band and clips to secure to the cover. You can easily make your own by using 1-inch wide elastic. Measure back 12 inches from each corner. This is a total of eight measurements. Measure and cut four strips of elastic. The length will be determined by the thickness of your mattress. You will want a snug fit. Sew each elastic band to each corner using your sewing machine or hand stitch.

Slip the elastic under each corner of the mattress and you have a new mattress cover.


  • Too many thick layers on your mattress pad will make washing and drying more difficult.
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