How to Make a Mandela Images

Things You'll Need

  • Large sheet of drawing paper
  • Pencil
  • Large bowl or other circular shape
  • Crayons, colored pencils or markers
  • Relaxing music

A mandala is a form of Eastern art that is based on filling a circle with patterns or pictures. Some Eastern religions use mandalas for spiritual meditation or discipline. Many mandalas are geometric patterns similar to kaleidoscopes but they do not have to be this way. Creating and contemplating a mandala can be a relaxing practice that can lead you to greater personal insights. You can create your own mandala with simple art materials and some time to relax and focus your mind.

Sit down at your work area and try to clear your mind of extraneous thoughts. If you meditate or pray, this is a good opportunity to do it. Put on relaxing music and sit and breathe deeply until you feel calm and clear headed.

Place your circle on the paper and use the pencil to trace around the outside. This forms the circle for you to fill in.

Use the crayons or colored pencils to fill in the mandala however you want. You can doodle, use abstract shapes or draw concrete pictures. Try to work without overthinking the design and stop when you feel like you are finished.

Hang your mandala up in a visible space and examine it regularly to see what feelings or meanings it evokes in you.


  • There are resources available to help you to interpret your mandala drawings but you can decide what a mandala means for you.


  • Do not censor your mandala drawings according to what you think you ought to draw or how it ought to look.