How to Make a Luis Suarez Biting Costume

How to become a #suarezing victim for Halloween.

During the World Cup Luis Suarez shocked the world (and got himself the boot) when he bit Italian player Cellini. It wasn't the first bite out of an opponent Suarez had taken, and his insatiable taste for soccer players' blood on the world stage became a viral hashtag phenomenon: #suarezing. We like to make Halloween costumes out of actual events here, and this one is sure to get lots of laughs and is super simple to make. So go on, take a bite out of this calorie-free Halloween treat!

What You'll Need

Gather your supplies.

18" x 24" color print-out of Luis Suarez Scissors X-acto knife 16" x 20" foam core Duct tape Glue stick 2 1/8" dowels Ruler Belt Cutting mat or surface you can cut into Soccer jersey (or the whole uniform if you have it).

Print this Image of Luis Suarez

Step 1

Print out any free downloadable image of Suarez in "bite mode" (yelling, mouth open, etc.,) in color on 18" x 24" paper. You can find the one I used in the references section below.

Adhere Image to Foam Core

Step 2

Cover the back of the Luis Suarez image with glue from a glue stick. There is no need to put glue on the back of the rest of the image where the crowd is. This part of the photo will be cut out. Starting at the top of his head, glue onto foam core. As you go, smooth all the air bubbles out with the palm of your hand.

X-acto the Crowd Away

Step 3

Using an X-acto knife, cut along Luis Suarez's face and body. Trim the bottom 2 inches of the paper that hang over the foam core edge with scissors.

Adjust Width

Step 4

Measure 4 inches on both sides from his face and cut his arms off as shown, cutting down at a slightly tapered in angle, then round the "shoulders". This will prevent the costume from being too wide behind your back. The bottom will now measure 10" across.

Taper the Foam-Backing

Step 5

Turn the foam core over. With the X-acto knife, slice the edges of the foam core at a 60 percent angle along the top three sides of the image, leaving the bottom alone. This will prevent the foam backing from showing when facing the costume.

Skewer the Foam Core

Step 6

From the bottom, insert two 1/8" dowels into the foam 2 inches from each side of the cut-out. Burrow it 3 inches into the foam making sure sticks run straight through the foam and doesn't pierce paper.

Create a "V"

Step 7

Measure the dowels 22" from the bottom edge of the foam-core, and trim them with your scissors. Bring them into a "V" and duct-tape the bottom 7 inches together. This will keep the sticks from impaling you and strengthen the structure of the whole costume. If you are especially tall, you might want the dowels longer.

Put Costume "On"

Step 8

Run the bottom of the skewers through your belt and into your pocket. From the back it will look like this.

How to Act Like a #Suarezing Victim

#suarezing victim Final

This will take a bit of acting on your part. Look surprised, shocked, or just cringe in fear as those unnaturally large chompers descend on your neck.

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