How to Make a Koozie

Koozies slide over the soda can from the bottom and should be made to fit a standard can's diameter.
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In the summer, water condenses on the outside of soda bottles and cans, making them hard to hold on to. Koozies slide onto the outside of the can to both limit the water condensation on the outside of the container and provide insulation to keep your drink cooler longer. Dressing your drink in a koozie can also make it easy to identify if you are out with friends and there are multiple soda cans open. A basic koozie can be made from foam or duck tape for one time or repeated use during the summer.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Permanent Marker
  • Decorating Supplies
  • Duct Tape
  • Craft Glue
  • Brads
  • Craft Foam,11-By-6 Inch Rectangle


Print off Misty Marquardt's foam koozie pattern from the Make Them Yourself craft directory. Cut along the black lines in the pattern to cut it out from the rest of the paper. You need to be able to trace around the pattern.

Lay the pattern on top of an 11-inch-by-6-inch sheet of craft foam. The thicker the foam sheet you use, the more effective the koozie will be at insulating your beverage.

Trace around the pattern with a dark colored, felt tipped permanent marker to transfer the pattern onto the foam. Cut along the line to cut out the koozie.

Decorate the koozie as desired. Use paints, markers, stickers and glue on jewels to decorate the outside of the koozie so that it is unique and identifiable. Consider using a marker to write your name, or a choice phrase on the koozie.

Glue the sides of the koozie together, lapping the longer rectangle over the smaller one. You can add brads at the seams for added strength and decoration if desired.

Duct Tape

Cut a 10-inch strip of duct tape from the roll. Lay it on your work surface, sticky side down.

Roll the tape around a can of soda, keeping the sticky side facing out. The strip should be located where you want the top of the koozie on the can. Ideally, it should be wrapped at the top of the can, at the point where the main body of the can widens out.

Wrap a second and third 10-inch strip of duct tape around the can so that each strip of duct tape overlaps the previous by about a ½-inch.

Cut a 5-inch strip of duct tape from the roll. Stretch it across the bottom of the can with the sticky side facing out. Cut a second 5-inch strip and lay it on top of the first, with sticky sides facing one another. This will create a smooth bottom on the koozie.

Cut three more 10-inch strips of tape, and wrap them around the koozie with the sticky sides facing in. Each strip should line up with the strip facing out, and overlap the previous strip by a ½-inch. If you do not line each strip of tape up exactly, some stickiness may come though. Add another layer of tape to eliminate this stickiness.

Remove the can from the center of the koozie. Cut a 10-inch strip of duct tape and fold it in half over the top edge of the koozie to create a smooth, finished top edge.