How to Make A Homemake Pottery Wheel

By Contributor ; Updated September 15, 2017
Homemade pottery wheel

A potter's wheel can be an extremely expensive investment. Often these investments end up collecting dust in the basement or being sold on auction websites for much less than their true value. A simple way to reduce the initial out pour of cash into the hobby of pottery is to make your own pottery wheel from scratch. Although it may sound like a daunting task its actually quite simple and can be accomplished in only a few hours with a minimal of tools and supplies.

The most important part of your new potters wheel will be the motor. The easiest and most reliable motor is an old fashioned Singer sewing machine motor. These sewing machines can be found at flea markets or auction sites on any give weekend for usually less than 25 dollars. Make sure the pedal is included in your purchase as this will be a key feature in controlling the speed of rotation of your wheel.

Once you have remove the top portion of your machine you will find a square 4 x 4 metal plate with a spindle in its center. The plate also contains four small holes . Use the four holes along with four rubber washers to mount a small round basin , such as the type used to wash small pets.

Next mount a circular piece of 3/4 inch marine grade plywood covered with a layer of Beeswax and secured through the four holes with washers and rounded nuts to the protruding screws.

The final step is one more set of washers and nuts to secure the unit in place. This homemade potters wheel is fully functional and only cost a fraction of the cost of a store bought model.

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