How to Make a Holster for a Revolver

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Thick fabric or lightweight leather
  • Sewing machine
  • Leather needle (if using leather)
  • Thick thread

A revolver is a type of handgun that has a rotating chamber for the bullets. A revolver also has a longer barrel than many handguns. Due to the size of most revolvers, they require custom-made holsters. You can construct a revolver holster from sturdy cloth, or if you want to be authentic, leather. This project will take a total of two days to complete.

Make the pattern for the revolver first. Take the revolver and unload it. Make sure there are no bullets in any of the chambers, or in the barrel of the gun. Lay the unloaded gun onto a piece of paper. Allow the trigger and the handle to stick out from one side of the paper.

Fold the other side of the paper over the gun. Fold the paper around the barrel and chamber of the revolver. Tape the paper over the gun so that it stays in place. Fold the remaining end of the paper up toward the nose of the revolver and tape it in place. You should now have a paper pocket for the revolver.

Split the pocket in half with scissors to create a flat pattern. Add about 3 inches to the top of the pattern to allow for the belt attachment, then add 1/2 an inch to all measurements for seam allowance. Draw the new pattern onto a clean piece of paper.

Lay the pattern over the cloth or leather. Cut the pattern out from the cloth.

Sew the pattern together to make the holster. Make sure to use a leather needle if you use leather for the holster.

Cut two vertical slits in the top of the leather or fabric to allow a belt to slip through the holster. If desired, you can skip this step and use the holster as a pocket holster for your front pocket.

Soak the holster with water until it becomes soft and supple. Wring out excess water, then place the gun inside the holster. Allow the holster to finish drying while on the gun. This helps it conform to the shape of the gun.


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