How to Make a Hedgehog Out of a Cantaloupe

A buffet table is a place to fill up on grub, sure, but it's also a place to collect bragging rights. And nothing will get more attention from a crowd quite like this inventive appetizer. If you want to make a splash at your next cookout or barbecue, create this cute hedgehog from a cantaloupe and serve healthy fruit slices from its playful “spikes.” When everyone sees your creation, compliments will definitely be on their way!

Prepare the Cantaloupe

Draw a rough rectangle on the cantaloupe with a felt marker.

Using a sharp paring knife, cut along the lines and lift out the section of melon.

Scoop Out the Inside

Next, scoop out the center seeds and fibers.

Cut down the side of the melon, about one-quarter of an inch from the skin and about the same depth across the center. Then, remove the flesh in sections. Be careful not to cut through the bottom of the melon.

Continue cutting the melon into sections and removing each piece until the entire cantaloupe is empty.

Cut Up the Cantaloupe's Flesh

Cut the cantaloupe sections into bite-size pieces. Trim the flesh from the first piece that you removed, cut into pieces and save the skin.

Cut the Edges into Spikes

Using a grapefruit knife to get a slightly curved "spike," cut wedges in varying depths and widths around the open edges of the cantaloupe.

Cut Out and Place the Hedgehog's Nose and Feet

Trim the skin into a rough square and cut a triangle from the corner. Trim the flesh from the skin to make it more pliable.

Cut four smaller squares from the remaining skin and trim a corner off each piece to form the feet.

Using toothpicks, attach the nose to the stem end of the melon, and the feet to the base.

Add the Fruit to Complete the Face

Place blueberry "eyes" on the two corner toothpicks. Add a blueberry nose to the tip with another toothpick.

Spear the assorted fruit chunks with toothpicks and place them into the cantaloupe. Make sure that the toothpicks stick up and out in all directions. Stack them up until the cantaloupe is full and rounded on the top.

Serve and Enjoy the Compliments!

About the Author

Debbie Williams studied design at the Kansas City Art Institute and has operated a graphic design and printing business for the last 17 years. She has been involved in various crafts including sewing, quilting, costuming, woodworking and various DIY all her life.