How to Make a Gumball Machine Out of a Flower Pot

By Denise Oliveri

Things Needed

  • 4-inch flower pot (pre-designed or clay)
  • 4-inch flower pot saucer (matching design or clay)
  • Ivy bowl
  • 2-inch wooden doll head with a flat bottom
  • Brass plate
  • 3-inch in diameter piece of cork
  • Craft glue
  • Red and blue acrylic paint, optional
  • Paintbrush, if using acrylic paints
Flower Pot Gumball Machine

It is amazing how versatile a flower pot, sometimes referred to as a clay pot, can be when it comes to crafts. A gumball machine made out of a flower pot can be the perfect decoration for a child's room, and it is functional, too. What do kids like best about a flower pot gumball machine? It takes no money at all to get a reward every time.

Paint the flower pot and saucer with red acrylic paint. Paint the wooden ball blue. Let dry. If you choose to use a pre-designed flower pot and saucer, you can skip this step.

Turn the saucer upside-down, as this will become the lid of the gumball machine. Glue the wooden doll head to the center of the saucer. Let dry.

Turn the flower pot upside-down. Glue the ivy bowl to the bottom of the flower pot. Give this at least one day to dry completely.

Glue the brass plate to the center front of the flower pot. This will act as a fake money dispenser for the gumball machine. You can find brass plates in most craft stores.

Glue cork to the inside of the flower pot saucer to protect the ivy bowl from breakage. This part of the gumball machine will get a lot of use.

Fill the gumball machine with your favorite brand of gumballs. Use other small candies, as well.


Make sure you use craft glue, which will turn clear once dry. You do not want to see the glue after the project is completed. Make the gumball machine personalized by having a brass plate engraved with the recipient's name or a personal message.