How to Make a Gumball Machine

By Alicia Bodine
Gumball Machine

There is something fascinating to children about gumball machines. They love to stop and put a quarter in to get a gumball when passing by a machine. They get a sad look on their face when their parents don't have change. Now you can actually make a gumball machine at home. You won't ever have to be worried about running out of quarters again.

Lay out a few sheets of newspaper over your workspace.

Paint your flower pot and saucers. Set them aside to dry before you continue.

Flip your flower pot so the open side is facing down. Cover the flat top--really the bottom--with super glue and place one of your saucers on it.

Place more super glue inside the flower pot saucer and set the glass fish bowl on top. Set it aside to dry for a few hours.

Take your second flower pot saucer and flip it upside down. Use super glue to attach the bouncy ball to the middle of the saucer. This is the lid to your gumball machine.

Fill your gumball machine three-fourths of the way full with gumballs.

Place the lid on top of the fish bowl. Your gumball machine is now complete.


Change out the gum for Halloween candy at Halloween.


Wear old clothes while you make the gumball machine. The paint could stain your clothes.

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