How to Make a Glass Block Christmas Decoration

Glass blocks are typically used for creating shower walls or dividing walls in a space without making the space feel too closed off. You won't find glass blocks only at the hardware store though; you can also find glass blocks at the craft store with predrilled holes in them. This is because you can use them to create beautiful craft projects such as a Christmas light decoration for your home.

Stuff the strand of lights into the hole in the glass block. Leave the plug for the lights out of the block with at least a foot of cord for reaching an outlet.

Lay the glass block flat on your work surface. Measure around the glass block with a tape measure from top to bottom and back around again (as you would wrap ribbon around a present). Cut two lengths of 2-inch-wide Christmas-themed wire ribbon that are 3 inches longer than that measurement.

Wrap one length of ribbon around the center of the glass block left to right, with the ends coming together in the center on the top. Use hot glue to secure the overlapping ends together. Wrap the other length of ribbon around the center of the glass block top to bottom, with the ends coming together in the center of the top. Again, use hot glue to secure the ends. Use a small dot of hot glue to secure the two lengths of ribbon to each other and another to secure to the top of the glass block.

Cut a 42-inch-long piece of the ribbon. Make six loops of ribbon, using 6 inches for each loop leaving a 3-inch tail at each end of the ribbon. Pinch the loops of ribbon together.

Use a 6-inch length of floral ribbon to hold the loops together by wrapping in around the center where you are pinching.

Hot glue the bow to the top of the glass block where the ribbon wrapped around it crosses. Plug the strand of lights in to illuminate your Christmas gift light.


Christmas glass block lights make festive gifts for friends and family. Layer multiple wire ribbons in varying widths, with the widest on the bottom and slimmest on top, for a more interesting look.

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