How to Make a French Fry Costume

By Kay Tang

Preschool and young children will delight in this homemade french fry costume. With a piece of Styrofoam board, cardboard box, spray paint and glue, you can whip this costume together in an hour or two. It does not require any sewing. As in any costume made from a box, you want to make sure the child’s mobility is not impaired by the size of the box. So make sure you start with a box that approximates your child’s torso.

Remove the top and bottom panels from the cardboard box.

Carve out an arc from the top of one long side of the box. It should resemble the curve of a french fries box. Repeat for the opposite side.

Spray paint the inside and outside of the box red. Wait for it to dry.

Cut the foam into a dozen strips to resemble french fries. Spray paint the strips yellow. Allow to dry.

Make two 2-inch horizontal slits close to the top of both of the arced sides of the box. The slits should be about 6 inches apart. There should be four slits in total for the arm straps.

Thread the ribbon through the slits. Knot the ends in the back.

Glue the lower end of a fry to the inside of the box. It should be approximately 4 inches from the top of the box. Allow space for the arms. Press on the fry for a minute to make sure the glue seals.

Cut some of the fries shorter so that their heights vary. Arrange and glue the rest of the fries to the inside of the box.

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