How to Make a Frame for Rug-Hooking Images

Build a sturdy frame to keep your needlework projects easy to manage while you work with them. The goal is to build a frame to keep your underlying fabric taut while you hook or weave the rug that you are creating. The weight of your project can be an issue but it is manageable if you are working with a sturdy frame. Build a sturdy frame yourself and feel confident creating any rug that you can imagine.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring Tape
  • Clamps
  • Miter Box
  • Pvc Adhesive
  • Hobby Saw
  • Pvc Pipes
  • Pvc Elbows

Decide on the width that your rug will be.

Set aside two pieces of PVC pipe to work with. Cut each one by placing it into a miter box to ensure an accurate, straight cut with a hobby saw. Cut the pipes to be 4 inches wider than the width of your project.

Apply PVC pipe adhesive to the outer edge of each end of one pipe. Apply PVC pipe adhesive inside of two PVC pipe elbows. Insert each end of the pipe into an elbow. Repeat the process with both long sections.

Cut two pieces of 2-inch PVC pipe 12 inches long using a miter box for stability and a hobby saw for cutting as you did in Step 2. Apply PVC pipe adhesive to each pipe and the inside edge of each elbow attached to the two pieces that you glued in Step 3. Glue the pipes together. Form a rectangle by repeating this process with the last section of pipe.

Begin your rug project 6 inches past the end of the underlying fabric. Center the underlying fabric on the top bar. Clamp the fabric in place using clamps that can snap shut. Keep the fabric taut on the bottom bar by repeating the process.