How to Make a Foam Finger

Things You'll Need

  • 2 pieces craft foam, 24 by 36 by 2 inches
  • Jigsaw or sharp knife
  • Spray foam adhesive
  • Permanent markers
  • Spray paint

How to Make a Foam Finger. One way to support a favorite sports team is by waving a giant foam finger that shows your team is Number 1. These highly visible team supporters are large enough for players on the field to see. At major sporting events, you can purchase foam fingers, but you also can make these digits yourself.

Purchase a full sheet of 2-inch thick craft foam. You can save money by finding a bulk supplier willing to sell scrap pieces rather than full sheets. Local hardware stores may sell it in bulk.

Cut the foam into 2 pieces, each 24 by 36 inches. Lay one flat on a workbench with the 24-inch edges at the top and bottom. The foam must be tall, rather than wide.

Sketch a giant form of a hand making the "Number 1" sign. Using your own hand as a model, draw it facing palm up. Use the entire sheet, with the wrist touching the bottom end and the tip of the index finger reaching the top.

Shape the finger by using a jigsaw to cut the foam. Cut only the outside edges, not between the fingers. If you don't own a jigsaw, you can also use a sharp knife to cut the foam. Make long, drawn out cuts in a backward motion only. Don't use a sawing motion or your edges will be ragged.

Use the foam finger as a template, and then cut the second piece of foam. Draw the hand a second time on the second piece. Choose the best drawing as the front piece. The imperfect drawing will be inside the foam hand.

Draw an 8 by 16 inch tall rectangle on the backside of the finger you'll be using. This is where your arm goes. Center the rectangle at the wrist end and measure upward 16 inches. Spray the foam adhesive generously on the backside of the hand, everywhere except inside the rectangle. Quickly place the other foam finger on top of the first and allow the pieces to dry.

Spray paint team colors on your foam finger and decorate with markers as desired.


  • Decide which hand will wear the foam finger. Make the foam drawing of the same hand, or it will look backwards when worn. Make a few extra fingers and sell them to raise money for your team.