How to Make a Fleece Boa Scarf

Things You'll Need

  • 2 lengths of fleece
  • Scissors
  • Several 9-inch strips of fleece (optional)

Fleece boa scarves area trendy part of a matching sweater combo. They even go well with T-shirts for a bohemian or SoHo-inspired look. Many school sports or cheerleading teams wear them to complement their uniforms while keeping warm on cold game nights. Making fleece boa scarves is so simple, and it can be a fun activity to do with a child once the fabric is cut and prepared.

Cut two lengths of fleece. The pieces need to be as long as you you would like your scarf to be. An average scarf length is 4 feet, but you can make it longer or shorter. The scarf should be about 10-inches wide. Both pieces of fleece should be the same size.

Cut strips into the fleece around the edges. Then cut a 4-inch slit toward the center, spaced every one inch. Do this all the way around the fleece on both pieces.

Place the two fleece pieces on top of each other with the fabric you want showing on the outsides and the back of the fabric on the inside. Starting at the bottom, take the first strip at the top and the first strip on the bottom and tie them together into a single knot.

Take the second strip of fabric on the top and the second strip on the bottom and tie them together into a single knot. Repeat this step with every strip until you have tied off all the fleece pieces. You should now have what resembles a fleece boa.

Cut strips of a coordinating fleece that are 9 inches long. Tie them around the scarf, in between your knots, in any place you'd like. These are optional and serve as an extra punch of color, and to thicken the appearance of the scarf.