How to Make a Fake Casket

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Things You'll Need

  • Five sheets of cardboard
  • Felt pen
  • Craft knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint

It might seem morbid to make a fake casket, but there are many reasons to do so. For instance, making a fake casket can save you a ton of money on Halloween decorations. It can double as a storage container. Throughout the year, you can cover it in cloth and use it as an accent piece.

Lay out one of the five sheets of cardboard on your work surface. The sheets will need to be a little larger then the final casket size. Draw the shape of the casket. The most iconic shape is the six-sided casket.

Cut the casket shape out of the cardboard, making the top lid. Place this piece on top of the second cardboard sheet. Trace the casket shape onto the second sheet of cardboard and cut it out like the first one, making the bottom.

Measure out the edges of the first casket piece. This will give you the length of the casket sides. The width will be the depth you want for the casket. Draw out the six rectangles on the final pieces of cardboard and cut them out.

Place the bottom piece on your work surface and plug in your hot glue gun. Place the side panels of the casket to the matching edges of the bottom and glue them in place. Glue the inside and outside seams to help hold the structures. Attach the side pieces to each other.

Paint the assembled bottom part of the casket and the top lid. Allow the paint to completely dry. Place the lid on the top. You can glue it into place or leave loose to use as storage or a hiding place.


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