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How to Make a Dog Out of Tin Cans

After opening a can of fruit cocktail, you likely rinse the can and throw it in the trash or the recycle bin. Tin cans can be used for more than merely holding your food until you are ready to prepare it. They can also be use to make art or toys. A tin can dog uses supplies you have around the home and is a cute and fun project to make with your child.

Things You'll Need:

  • Four Casters (Small)
  • 3/16 Inch Bit
  • Drill
  • Bolt And Nut (No. 8)
  • Can Opener
  • Black Rubber Washer (If Desired)
  • Spring (Extension)
  • Two Cable Straps (1/2 Inch Size)
  • Emery Paper
  • All-Purpose Adhesive Velcro With Adhesive Backing
  • Small Dog Or Cat Leash
  • Pipe Clamp
  • Red U-Shaped Magnet
  • Large, Black, Flat, Circular Magnet
  • Paints, If Desired
  • Small Can (16 Oz. Size)
  • Metal Scour Pad
  • Large Can (28 Oz. Size)
  • Nuts, Bolts, Washers And Wing Nuts

Open the top of both tin cans with a can opener. Remove and discard the lids. Empty the contents and clean the cans thoroughly. If you are not using a smooth-edge can opener, use the emery paper to sand the sharp edges on the cans.

Using the large can for the body, drill two small holes in the can near the open end. Fasten the No. 8 bolt into one of the holes. Place the spring over the bolt. Feed the spring through the second hole and hook it inside the hole.

Use the all-purpose adhesive to glue the caster wheels so they do not pivot. Use the Velcro to attach the casters on the underside of the large can as legs.

Half way up the side of the small can, drill two small holes that are approximately one and a half inches apart. Use the emery paper to sand the holes down. Attach the cable straps, one at each hole, using the bolts, washers and wing nut. Make sure the wing nut and washer are inside the can. If desired, use one black rubber washer on the outside of the can as well to make a black spot on one of the eyes.

On the opposite side of the eyes, drill a small hole. Drill a second hole in the large can in line with tail. Insert a bolt through the head hole. Take the metal scour pad and insert the bolt through it as well and then into body hole. Use a washer and wing nut inside the body can to attach them together. Attach the pipe clamp around the scour pad to represent a dog collar.

Attach the u-shaped magnet for the mouth and the flat magnet for the nose.

Attach a small dog leash or cat leash to the pipe clamp.


If desired, you can paint the cans first white, black, yellow, brown, or any combination to look more realistic.


  • Be very careful placing your hand inside the cans. Even if you use a smooth-edge can opener and/or use emery paper to smooth the edges, there may still be sharp points.
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