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How to Make a Deer Head out of Styrofoam

If you like to leave the deer in the woods, a foam deer head is a good alternative.
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If you like the idea of a mounted deer head, but do not actually want the head of a dead animal on your wall, there is an alternative. A Styrofoam deer head is a good way to play off of the idea of a deer head, and it makes a good conversation starter for people new to your home. With a minimum amount of supplies, you can have your very own Styrofoam deer head to mount on your wall.

Things You'll Need:

  • 1 20-By-30-Inch Styrofoam Piece (3/16-Inch Thick)
  • Scissors
  • 1 6-By-7-Inch Styrofoam Piece (1/2-Inch Thick)
  • 10-Inch Length Of Pliable Wire
  • Exacto Knife
  • Deer Head Templates
  • Marker
  • Printer And Printing Paper

Download the deer head templates from the Chronicle Books website (see References).

Unzip the downloaded templates with a program like WinRAR, and open them with Windows Photo Viewer or a similar program.

Print the images using the “8 x 10 in” format. When using Windows Photo Viewer, you will find this option on the sliding menu of the print options screen.

Cut out each template from the printed paper with scissors.

Place the templates marked “deer head,” “deer body,” “deer nose” and “deer antlers” on the 20-by-30-inch piece of Styrofoam. You will need one of each, except the “deer head” template, which you will need two of. Join the two separate pieces of the antler template and body template, so that you get one solid piece of Styrofoam for each.

Trace the outline of each template on to the Styrofoam with a marker. If you are using something more solid, like foam core, then a pencil should suffice. Cut each piece out of the Styrofoam with an exacto knife.

Cut out, place and trace the mounting board template on the 6-by-7-inch piece of Styrofoam. Cut it out with an exacto knife.

Decorate the pieces in whatever way you feel is best at this stage. You could paint them, use an adhesive spray with wrapping paper to give them a more festive look, or even leave them blank if that appeals more to you.

Assemble the various pieces. The two body pieces should be parallel, and the nose piece should go in to the two slots at the very end of the two body pieces. Next should be the antlers, followed by the round body piece and finally the mounting board.

Poke one hole in the very end of each body piece, behind the mount, with your exacto knife. Thread the piece of wire through these holes and fold it back on itself, so that it forms a loop. Use this loop to hang the deer head.


Foam core, which can be found at just about any art supplies store, makes a good alternative to Styrofoam for a project like this.

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