How to Make a Chef's Hat Using Tissue Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Poster board
  • Tissue paper
  • Tape
  • Paper clips
  • Stapler

If your kids like to cook, help them make a chef’s hat to wear in the kitchen. This interesting craft is simple for kids of all ages and is made with only a few craft supplies, including tissue paper. Traditionally, chef’s hats are white, but you can choose to make these hats any color you desire. After making the hats, kids can wear them while they help you cook. Wearing a chef’s hat while helping in the kitchen may help a child feel special and valuable.

Cut a piece of poster board into a shape that is 26-inches long and 3 1/2-inches high for each hat. Use white poster board for a traditional chef’s hat, or choose a different color if desired. This will be the band of the chef’s hat.

Lay out three sheets of white tissue paper. If preferred, use a different color. Fold each sheet in half, individually, the long way, making thicker long pieces of tissue paper.

Lay out the cut-out piece of poster board. One at a time, tape the sheets of tissue paper on the poster board. Tape the short sides of the tissue paper on the band and slightly overlap the sheets. As you do this, attach the tissue paper sheets in an accordion style and cover almost the entire band. Use all three pieces of tissue paper for this.

Wrap the poster board band around the child’s head. As you curl the poster board around the head, have the tape side facing out.

Mark the correct spot with paper clips. This will show the correct span for the child’s head, even though the hat is inside-out at this point. Leave a little room in it; otherwise it might be too tight when finished.

Tape the tissue paper at the top of the hat, after marking the correct spot.

Hold the band with your hand and turn the hat right-side out while removing the paper clips.

Staple the hat in the correct spot. Pull the tissue paper up a little and place the hat on the child’s head.