How to Make a Centerpiece Out of a Basketball

Make a Centerpiece Out of a Basketball,

When throwing a basketball themed party, make this centerpiece and score big with your guests. A few basic items are all that is needed to make this centerpiece. Use basketball items around your house to make it cost effective and add a personal touch and use your favorite team colors to pull it all together.

Make a Centerpiece Out of a Basketball,

Things You'll Need

  • Basketball
  • White Tablecloth To Fit Your Party Table
  • Black Marker
  • Whistles
  • Balloons
  • Curling Ribbon
  • Basketball Shoes

Lay out the tablecloth on the floor. Use a black marker and the diagram below to draw an outline of a basketball court on the tablecloth. Be sure to put newspapers under the tablecloth to protect the floor from the marker bleeding through the tablecloth. Place the tablecloth on your party table.

Place the basketball in the center of the tablecloth. To keep the ball from rolling you can either sit the ball on a small saucer or use double sided tape. Just stick tape to the tablecloth and press the ball onto it.

Blow up 6 to 8 balloons. Tie a 24-inch piece of ribbon to each balloon, then curl the ribbon. Place the balloons together varying the heights of each balloon; tie together the ends of the ribbons about 4-inches from the bottom. Tape the ribbons so they are hidden underneath basketball and the balloons frame the basketball from behind.

Add a pair of basketball shoes. Place the shoes to the side of the basketball with one shoe flat on the table and the other shoe resting the heel on top of the first shoe. Scatter several whistles around the edges of the basketball and shoes.


  • Use your team colors when choosing the balloons and ribbon. If decorating for a children's birthday party, place basketball themed goodie bags around the edges of the centerpiece for the guest to take home.