How to Make a Cardboard Letter Box

By Buffy Naillon ; Updated September 15, 2017

Things Needed

  • Cardboard box
  • Xacto knife/ scissors
  • Fun Foam
  • Glue
  • Card stock
  • Brads

Children love to get mail. It makes them feel so grown up. If you’re looking for a craft to do with your child, you might consider a mailbox craft. This craft encourages your child to not only to exercise her creative muscles, but later to read and write. She must write letters to you and others in your family so that she can receive mail in return.

Get a cardboard box. For this project, look for a bulk cereal box that you find in stores like Costco. These are wide on the bottom, but still tall at the same time. You can use other boxes besides the cereal box, but look for ones whose shape fits the cereal box description.

Cut the box so that you have two long sides at each end. You may find using an Xacto or razor knife gives you a bit more control over this portion of the project. You’ll want to do this portion for your child.

Shape the top long ends of the mailbox so that they look like the rounded ends of a mailbox.

Glue pieces of fun foam on all the sides of the box. You may find it easier to glue a piece of fun foam to the shaped ends and then cut around it.

Let the glue dry according to the instructions on the bottle. Hot glue guns work well for projects like these, because the glue adheres steadfastly. However, if this is a project you’re doing with your kids, you might want to either do this portion yourself or choose another type of glue that they can handle without injury.

Cut out a door on one of the rounded ends of the cardboard mailbox. Leave the bottom portion attached to the box. Otherwise your mailbox won’t have an attached door.

Form the top of the mailbox from a piece of fun foam and glue it in place. If a “lip” forms so that you can see a gap between the fun foam that you glued onto the box and the new fun foam you added to create the top of the box, cut out a ribbon and glue it on to cover the lip. Let the glue dry.

Cut out cute shapes from the fun foam. Appropriate ideas include hearts, teddy bears, and smiley faces. If you’ve made things that require faces, cut smaller facial features also from the fun foam and glue them onto the face-shaped pieces of foam.

Glue the shapes onto your mailbox for decoration.

Make a mailbox flag from the card stock. If you want to get really creative, cut one small red rectangle shaped piece of card stock and attach it to a longer gray piece of card stock with glue.

Bore a small hole in the side of the mailbox and the end of the flag. Attach a brad to the flag and stick it in the hole you made in the mailbox. Make sure that the hole on the flag is round enough to move freely when attached to the brad. (Brads tend to be flat.)

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