How to Make a Broken Heart Symbol

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The broken heart symbol is very useful in conveying the painful emotions of lost love, which most people experience at one time or another. The shape of a broken heart symbol starts with the heart itself, which consists of two touching semicircles that curve down and connect at a point below them in the middle. A broken heart symbol usually has a jagged crack at the top that divides the two semicircles. There are many ways to make and use this symbol, and they are all very easy.

Draw two sideways, M-shaped lines next to each other, and connect them at the bottom to form the jagged crack in the heart. Then draw the outline of the heart around the crack. Fill in the heart with red, or a different color if you are feeling creative. Outline the heart in black for a more striking look.

Buy a heart-shaped piece of soap, and carefully cut down the middle of the heart. Make a hollow crack that goes all the way through the soap, or engrave the shape of the crack in the soap on both sides while leaving the soap's center intact. Work with a paring knife, and only cut small pieces from the soap. Trying to cut big pieces will often cause the soap to break.

Type a broken heart symbol while chatting by typing an inequality sign, then a space, then a slash, then a space and then a three, resulting in < / 3. Try it without spaces to get </3.

Carve a broken heart into a pumpkin for Halloween. Carve out the entire heart and leave the jagged crack intact, which will make for a bright jack-o'-lantern. Alternatively, carve the heart outline, but do not connect the carved outline at the bottom or at the top of the heart. Carve the jagged crack in the middle, and make it hollow.

Cut a jagged crack down the center of a heart sticker. You can also make your own sticker by cutting a broken heart symbol out of red construction paper. Apply double-sided tape to one side of the paper.

Make broken heart cookies. The simplest way to do this is to find a broken heart shaped cookie cutter. If you can’t find one, use a heart shaped cookie cutter, and cut a jagged crack out of the dough before you bake it. Alternatively, frost the edges of the cookie to form the jagged crack after it is baked.