How to Make a Book Cover With Your Computer

How to Make a Book Cover With Your Computer. You can use book covers to refurbish a worn cover or place them over new books to preserve them. Book covers can also add a personal touch to gifts, work materials, school books, notebooks, cookbooks, journals and photo albums.

Access an online book cover creator (see Resources below) and decide what type of cover you want to create. Make a front cover, front and back cover or a full dust jacket.

Pick which part of your cover you want to design first by clicking on the "Front Cover," "Spine," "Back Cover," "Front Flap" or "Back Flap" icons located to the right of the screen.

Decide on a template from the "Tool Box" and type in your title, subtitle and/or text. Click on "Text Tools" for different text options. Add drawings if desired by choosing a template that lets you create drawings. Select "Drawing Tools," which lets you use different colors, sizes and has an eraser. Click on "Background Tools" to place a background color on your book cover.

Click on "Print" after you have finished designing your book cover and have prepared your printer. Review your pages by hitting the "Back" icon, or if you are ready to print your book cover, choose what type of paper you want and place it in your printer. Print out your cover and let the ink dry.


You can further decorate your book cover by embellishing it with photographs, cards, scrapbook materials, ribbons, buttons, fabric pieces, children's colorings or artwork. Thinly glue your item, let it dry and enjoy your multi-media book cover.

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