How to Make a Bobble in Knitting

Things You'll Need

  • Your knitting work or a working swatch
  • Crochet hook (optional)
  • Pattern (optional)

The notation "MB" in knitting means "Make Bobble." As illustrated in the photo, a bobble is simply a grouping of stitches pulled together in the work. Bobbles are usually decorative, but can also be used a light fasteners on sweaters, neck warmers or other clothing or household pieces. As with many techniques in knitting, there are several ways to make a bobble. This article will cover one way. Read on to learn how to make a bobble in knitting.

Decide where you want the bobble in your working. Knit the stitch but do not let the left stitch fall off the needle.

Yarn over (YO).

Knit the same stitch, again do not let the stitch fall off the left needle. You should now have three stitches.

Yarn over (YO).

Knit the same stitch again. Now there are five stitches on the right needle instead of just one stitch. Allow the left stitch to come off the left needle. You will have a hole under the new stitches. This is normal. See the Tips section for help getting it closed.

Turn work. This simply means flip your work over so you are looking at the other side. This should be the wrong side of your work.

Purl the five stitches you just created.

Turn work so you are looking at the right side of the work.

Knit the 5 stitches again.

Turn work so you are looking at the wrong side.

Purl the five stitches again.

Turn work one final time so the you are looking at the right side.

Knit the five stitches.

You have five stitches on your right needle. Now you have to allow stitches to fall off the right needle to create the bobble.

Starting at the top of the needle, look at the second stitch. In the picture you'll see the left needle is pointing toward the stitch in question. Using your fingers, a needle or crochet hook, take the second stitch over the first stitch and off the needle. Now you have four stitches.

Repeat this step until you are left with just one stitch.

Next, bring your right needle behind the new bobble to move on with your knitting. It doesn't look like a bobble quite yet, but as you continue to the next stitch and being knitting normally again, the newly created stitches will puff out.


  • After completing the bobble, make sure you knit the next two stitches tightly. This will close the hole created from the increase.