How to Make a Bear With Modeling Clay

Many kids enjoy making figurines of their favorite animals and fictional characters out of modeling clay. If your child is loves teddy bears, help him make a clay bear. Working with modeling clay gives young children the opportunity to exercise their creative skills and problem-solving skills. After completing the project, your child will be able to keep the figurine or give it as a gift to a friend.

Things You'll Need

  • Clay Knife
  • Oven
  • Rolling Pin
  • Baking Sheet
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Brown, Black, And Pink Or Peach Clay

Make two spheres out of brown clay. One should be 1 1/2 inches tall and the other 3 1/2 inches. These will become the bear's torso and head.

Cut off the bottom of the large sphere so that the bear's torso is able to stand on its own. Place the smaller sphere on top of the larger one. Use your finger to blend the two pieces of clay together.

Roll a piece of brown clay into an inch-thick coil. It should be long enough to wrap around the bear's torso. Place the coil against the back of the torso. Bring the two ends of the coil to the center of the bear's chest as if his paws are touching.

Make two cylinders out of brown clay. Each cylinder should measure 1 inch tall and 1 inch thick. Turn each cylinder on its side. Place one end of a cylinder against the position on the bear's torso where the number 5 would be on an analog clock. Blend the two pieces together to give the bear a foot. Use the same technique to attach the second cylinder to the torso where the number 7 would be located.

Make a small sphere out of brown clay. Cut the sphere in half to create two semi-circles for ears. Place one ear onto the bear's head where the number 1 would be on an analog clock and blend together. Place the second ear where the number 11 would be situated and blend.

Use a rolling pin to flatten a piece of orange or peach colored clay. Use a clay knife to cut small circle with a diameter of 3/4 of an inch, out of the clay. Place the circle, which represents the muzzle, onto the middle of the bear's face and blend the two pieces together.

Make three 1/8-inch spheres out of black clay. Place two where the bear's eyes should be positioned and blend together. Place the remaining black sphere, the bear's nose, at top of the muzzle and blend.

Use the clay knife to draw a horizontal line on the bear's muzzle beneath the nose. Use a horizontal line that slightly curves downwards in the middle.

Leave the bear to air dry if you are using a no-bake variety of clay. Otherwise, preheat your oven to the temperature indicated by the clay's instructions. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and place the bear onto the sheet. Bake the bear according to the clay's instructions.