How to Make a Batman Mask Out of Paper

Things You'll Need

  • Black construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Soft-tip marker
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Elastic band

Children love to play dress-up and make believe that they are all sorts of different characters. This is a fun stage for children, but as their interests change from character to character, it can be expensive keeping up with different types of costumes they want to wear. To save money and also participate in a creative activity with your child, make masks out of paper for him to wear. Follow the instructions in this article to learn how to make a Batman mask out of paper.

Draw a large half circle on a piece of black construction paper with a pencil. Hold the paper lengthwise to draw the half circle.

Hold the half circle up to your child’s face with the circular side up. Use a soft-tip marker to mark where his eyes and nose are.

Cut out small ovals where you marked the eyes and the nose with the tip of your scissors.

Cut out additional pieces for your Batman mask using a second piece of black construction paper: two medium-sized triangles that will serve as the ears of the mask, and a small rectangle that will serve as the nose cover.

Attach the triangular ear pieces to both sides of the Batman mask. Curl in the two bottom edges of one triangle slightly so that it is rounded. Staple each one of the curled-in bottom edges to the top left portion of the mask to form one ear. Repeat this process with the second triangle on the top right portion of the mask to form the second ear.

Fold the small rectangle in half vertically. Press the edges together so that a crease forms straight down the middle of the rectangle. You will be using the creased rectangle as a cover for the nose. Unfold the rectangle and place it in a vertical position over the oval space you cut out for the nose. Staple each side of the rectangle to each side of the oval space you cut out.

Staple the ends of the elastic band to each side of the mask. Use the band to secure the mask around your child’s head.