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How to Make a 3D Pyramid

Gabrielle Esensten/Demand Media

Creating 3-D shapes is a fun craft for children of all ages. It helps younger children look at shapes in a unique way and understand how all aspects of the shape fit together. For older children, it can be the first step toward making a creative piece of art. A 3-D pyramid has endless possibilities as a craft project.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • One Sheet Of Paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Tape
Gabrielle Esensten/Demand Media

Draw a square in the center of the piece of paper with 2-inch sides. Mark the 1-inch point at the center of each side of the square.

Gabrielle Esensten/Demand Media

Make another mark on the paper at the point exactly 2 inches above each 1-inch mark. This will be the point of the triangular-shaped sides. Using a ruler, draw a line from this point diagonally down to the corners of the square, creating four triangles, one on each side of the square.

Gabrielle Esensten/Demand Media

Cut out the shape you have just drawn. Do not cut the square out. Keep it attached to the triangles.

Gabrielle Esensten/Demand Media

Fold each triangle inward along the line drawn as the side of the square. Each side should match up with sides next to it.

Gabrielle Esensten/Demand Media

Tape the sides of the pyramid together along the seams, so that they meet to make a point at the top. Pinch the edges together to keep the tape secure.


For a fun art project, draw patterns, shapes and hieroglyphics on the inside of the pyramid before taping it together. Then cut a small door in one side so that you can look through the door to see the decorated interior.

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