How to Machine Embroider on T-Shirts

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Machine embroidery is a process of creating patterns on fabrics through the use of a embroidery machine. Most embroidery machines today are computerized, so all users have to do is create or buy a design, load it onto the embroider machine, secure the fabric for embroidery and start the machine up. The embroidering of T-shirts is a common practice but is often tricky. It is accomplished with knowledge of the embroidery process and using the proper materials

Things You'll Need

  • Pattern
  • New Pre-Shrunk T-Shirt
  • Stabilizer

Purchase a high quality, pre-shrunk T-shirt to machine embroider your design onto.

Select a small, light design to embroider on the T-shirt. T-shirt fabric is light and does not take large embroidered designs well because of the amount of stitching required.

Cut a piece of stabilizer that is just slightly larger than the hoop used with the embroidery machine.

Hoop the piece of stabilizer and peel the backing off the stabilizer.

Place the hoop inside the collar of the shirt and center it around the design location. Press the T-shirt fabric down onto the stabilizer.

Thread your embroidery machine with the smallest needle you have and set the machine to embroider the design.

Take the hoop off the stabilizer and T-shirt. Trim away the stabilizer, leaving just 1/4 inch around the design.